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"When I was deciding on which women's organization I wanted to be a part of at A&M, Alpha Zeta Chi always stood out to me. I loved the energy of the officers at the informational meeting and even met my rush bff (shoutout to Helena!) in the elevator afterwards. I attended one of the rush events that following week and met other girls that were rushing and a few active members and connected so easily with them. Applying was such an easy decision, and the amount of comfort I felt from the other members was amazing! Throughout this past semester, I was introduced to friendships that I am so extremely grateful for and I absolutely love the experience I've had. Between sisterhood events like our Halloween party and contributing to the community through road cleanups and car washes, I have such wonderful memories from only a few short months. I look forward to participating in even more events over the next year and creating even more meaningful relationships with the girls. AZX is an org full of love and laughter and we cannot wait to have you!"

Ambrina R..png

"Alpha Zeta Chi has given me a home and a sisterhood that have provided me with more opportunities for growth, service, and relationships than I could ever imagine. I never envisioned the impact getting to lead this amazing group of girls as an officer for two years would have had on me and I will forever be grateful. College would not be the same without AZX, I love y'all!"

"I'm humbled and yet so pumped at the same time to be serving as vice president of this amazing sisterhood! The experiences being a part of AZX has brought me the past couple of years have been unlike any other and they'll extend well beyond just my time at A&M. The support that comes with joining such a special group of gals like ours has enabled me to develop priceless connections with other girls and pushed me to become the best version of myself to give back to both current and future members!"

Caroline R..png

"I chose Alpha Zeta Chi to make genuine friendships with people that share the same values as me. I wanted to get involved with the community and our two amazing philanthropies, Aggieland Humane Society and Sexual Assault Resource Center, and I knew it was the right one for me. There are various service opportunities over the semesters that able you to get involved however you want. My favorite AZX events have been our big-little reveals and Random Acts of Kindness Day! Having a little has made me grow as a person by becoming more outgoing and has given me an amazing friend to lean on. I love how there are so many opportunities to put yourself out there and make real connections with individual girls. I love AZX because it has made me step out of my comfort zone and got me into doing things more meaningfully. I know I can rely on anyone in the organization, and I find comfort in having such a close group of girls. Overall, it has been awesome getting to know everyone and giving back to the community. With every semester, I have found myself getting more involved and it has only made my time at A&M better!"

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